Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad blogger!!!!!!!

Hey everybody,

OK, I know I have not updated for a month. Bad Blogger!!!!

Yeah but the challenge was a utter failure. Not a single entry.

Was dissappointed. Yup,!! very much!!!

Anyway, got over my dissappointment now lol!!!

I have decided only to put my sketches up.

Well, its for personal use only.

Let me know if you use them.

Here is one for you today.

See you tomorrow...

1 Comment:

lkamphuis said...

G - i didnt even know you had this happening - I Love your sketches - you have a definite skill for it - so I will endeavour to do my best and get this done - I want to use march one as well cos its gorgeous!!!

DONT lose faith - you are very clever!!!


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